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I have started shooting "Each" of our 100+ Trails in Juneau in "Time Lapse" to display on ♥ ♥ with "Dogs Eye View" and GPS Google Maps to print out and put in your pocket before every hike! ♥ FREE! ♥ I can be reached by clicking the "Contact" button from the top menu on that site. From that domain I am sponsoring "Juneau Pet Wellness Day" - and "Canine Trail Cleanup Days" where I supply you "Ruff Wear" dog packs to try out (Free) while you hike your four legged best friend trails in Juneau then drop off the pack filled with trash you fill it with on your hike~! (Sponsored by "Ruff Wear")

Over 100 Trails and Short Walks to Enjoy!

The purpose of this website is to provide you with time lapse video of every trail we offer here in Juneau Alaska. My name is Russell "Josh" Peterson and with the help and enjoyment of my two Alaskan Malamute kids "Skadi & Freya" (See their Gallery here) We hike an average of 5 miles every day, each trail we hike I capture it in 1080P 3D Time Lapse which I will be offering from this site. This is a grass roots non-profit project which anyone may participate in by volunteering. (Click the "Contact" tab at the top for more information.) This project goal is to provide you with the ability to select each trail in Juneau, and take a "Virtual Hike" of each trail in a matter of minutes using time lapse photography. From a drop down menu you will be able to select between various speeds (and resolutions) from which to Explore Juneau! Also providing you with FREE GPS Google Maps to print and put in your pocket before leaving the house! You will also be able to select "Dogs Eye View" camera to also view in up to 1080P. The Explore Juneau Project will provide you with Detailed trail information, in a simple fun and easy to use way you will enjoy. What shoes to wear, trail landmarks, conditions elevations all from a 5 minute virtual hike!

Juneau has some of the most beautiful and unique trails with every level of comfort and enjoyment. Since Juneau is a "No Kill" animal shelter town, with Zero dogs in it we have extra love to share with our 4 legged friends and it shows.

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